6 Best Joomla GDPR Extensions to Improve Compliance

in Reviews on May 24, 2021

Finding the best Joomla GDPR Extensions help online stores comply with the latest legislative EU requirements

Here is a list of high-quality Joomla GDPR Extensions that are completely designed to make sure your site collects all required consents and avoids penalties. We also provide you some powerful features of each extension, so it is easy for you to compare and have the right choice for yourself. Let’s check them out.

GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent by Securiti

GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent by Securiti

The GDPR/CCPA cookie consent extension by Securiti helps websites easily comply with global privacy regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, ePrivacy, and more. The solution is easy to deploy and extremely configurable to align with the look & feel of your web page. Securiti also helps developers meet privacy compliance with Data Subject Rights (DSR), Privacy Policy/ Notice Management, and Universal Consent. With the Securiti Cookie Consent Joomla Extension, you can rapidly deploy a cookie banner and honor consent preferences by blocking non-essential cookies.


  • Periodically website scanning for cookies
  • High optimization for low-latency page performance
  • Integration with your dev pipeline
  • Dynamic display of different languages
  • Auto-blocking of cookies
  • Auto-update of Privacy Notices
  • Consent records and reporting
  • Reverse IP detection for global compliance
  • Configurable preference center

Cookies Policy Notification Bar (Paid Download)

Cookies Policy Notification Bar

Cookies Policy Notification Bar is regarded as a useful tool that assists you to inform your visitors about how you use cookies on your Joomla website. Moreover, it also supports a wide range of powerful features as well as parameters that let you make your Joomla site become much more effective.


  • Multilingual Support
  • Block Cookies
  • Background Opacity
  • Debugging Tools
  • Position (display at the top or at the bottom)
  • Animate Duration. Default is 2000
  • GeoIP2 Web Service
  • Enter your custom javascript code
  • 3 Options for the ‘More Info’ button


  • Easy to set up
  • Fantastic support
  • Good documentation

EU-Cookies (Paid Download)


EU-Cookies –is another perfect choice for your Joomla! This tool enables you to generate and configure the cookie notification on your website. Plus good point is that it is compatible with a lot of common browsers: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 9 and later, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.


  • Banner text freely adjustable
  • Recall the settings via a freely customizable icon
  • Link text freely adjustable
  • Text Color Confirmation Button freely adjustable
  • Background color freely adaptable
  • URL link text freely adjustable
  • Easy integration of Google Analytics
  • And more


  • Good Support
  • Best value for money
  • Easy and intuitive

GDPR [Paid Download]


You shouldn’t miss this perfect extension if you want to control your resources and cookies effectively. By using GDPR extension, you have the ability to block cookies and resources actually. What’s more, this extension has various useful features and even compatible with European ECJ, CCPA, German EUGH Cookie Law, and so on.
  • Opt-out and define single cookies
  • Logs of user changes
  • Fully automatic deletion and export
  • Log users and consents:
  • Logs of cookie consents
  • Record of processing activities
  • Data breach management
  • Multilanguage support
  • Advanced integration system
  • Integration with JRealtime Analytics
  • And more


  • Outstanding support
  • Good documentation
  • Straightforward

Easy Cookie Alert

Easy Cookie Alert is suitable for those who want to customize the colors of the alert bar as well as button colors based on your template theme. Moreover, you can also receive complete management of the opacity of altering bars. Furthermore, with various areas, you can freely set including Top, Bottom, Middle over.


  • Define the color of the buttons
  • Set fonts, background color, and color of the fonts
  • Control opacity of the alert bar


  •  Very easy to set up and install
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Responsive Module

Ruxin Cookie Alert

The final high-quality extension that we would like to recommend is Ruxin Cookie Alert. Thanks to this tool, you can display a complete customizable cookie alert popup for your site and generate a nice compliant website including  EU Cookie law.


  • Displays a fully customizable cookie alert popup
  • Many different colors and options available


  • Simple and Pretty
  • Good support


We hope that through this post, you will have more great solutions to help your customers learn how their cookies and the related data are used and thus avoid fines for breaking the law. In addition, if don’t hesitate to share with us your great experience.

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