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Are you looking for the best social media plugins for your WordPress site? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. But there are so many social media plugins available for WordPress that it becomes overwhelming for beginners to choose the best plugin solution for their website. And because social media has become such an integral part of the internet that, for the majority of websites, it can be their second-highest source of traffic!

As a website owner, you can take advantage of these changes by making it as easy as possible for people to share your content, which means including social media buttons on your website.
Take a look at this list of social media plugins that we’ve compiled for you so that you can make the appropriate choice for your website!

Simple Social Icons

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Like its name says, Simple Social Icons is a WordPress plugin that displays social media icons in a sidebar widget. You can choose colors and then enter the URLs for social media accounts you want to be displayed. It has a limited number of social media platforms covering all the most critical and popular services. It is straightforward to use and has a minimum impact on performance, which is a great selling point for a plugin!
There isn’t much to say about this one because it is very straightforward and straightforward to use, true to its namesake in that way.

Better Click to Tweet

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You may have seen customized quote boxes on many popular blogs that allow users to share the quote on Twitter easily. Better Click to Tweet is what’s responsible for those cool quote boxes you’ll notice on blogs. It helps encourage your readers to share an impactful quote on Twitter, exposing your brand and your WordPress website to social media instantly. Better Click to Tweet plugin allows you to add similar click-to-tweet quote boxes to your WordPress posts.

If you are an avid Twitter user and you’d like to boost your social engagement on your Twitter account, this is an excellent plugin for that!

Social Warfare

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Social Warfare is a popular WordPress social media plugin that comes in both a free and a premium version. While the free version works for lightweight social share buttons, the most powerful features are in the pro version.

It has social share buttons that just plain look good and support all the extensive social networks (with more in the premium version). Additionally, it has multiple placement options, including floating share buttons and share counts.

This WordPress social media plugin is an attractive social media sharing solution that inserts big and bold social media sharing buttons into your content. It has a simple user interface that’s great to use!


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If you happen to be looking for a simplistic social media sharing solution, you may want to check out the sharing module within Automattic’s Jetpack plugin. However, those of you who have never used Jetpack should be aware that you need an active account to use it.

The sharing module allows you to display simple sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Pocket, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Skype, and email and print buttons are available too. You can choose to display official sharing buttons or use icons with text, icons only, or text only.


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NovaShare is a fast, premium-only, WordPress social media sharing plugin that only adds 5 KB to the front-end of your website.

Twenty-one buttons are available for social media sharing, and 52 social media networks are supported for the included social follow widget. That’s a lot, and this is the reason it has made its way to our list. The plugin also has sharing buttons that it can display above and below content or on a floating bar, and there’s a Pinterest Pin button, too, as well as a highly customizable ‘Click to Tweet’ block.

Novashare also includes the data and options you need as a marketer. Configure your UTM parameters for Google Analytics and enable link shortening with Bitly.

WordPress Social Login

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Want to allow users to register, log in, and comment using their social media accounts? The social media plugin “WordPress Social Login” will enable you to do just that! You’d be surprised what that can do for your page in terms of engagement.

It is super easy to use and supports a wide range of social networks. It also includes modules to show user insights, user manager, contact manager, and a BuddyPress component in cases your website is more of a forum than anything else.


We hope that this list has been helpful for you and that you will be able to find the appropriate social media plugin solution for your specific needs. We intend to help you boost your engagement to new heights with this list, and we are sure that you will find it of use.
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Perhaps it is also worth taking a look at the “WP Social Stream Designer”, which allows you to add your social feed to your website with attractive layouts.
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